Local family says energy-saving contractor left them paying more for power

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — A Titusville couple claims a local company sold them a green-energy package that was supposed to cut their power bill in half but instead of saving money, their electric bills increased.

The energy-saving system consisting of a solar-powered attic fan, insulation and a radiant heat barrier was installed in the couple’s home nearly a year ago.

Duane Hampshire said it all started with a telemarketing call from Green Solutions of Florida. He said he responded because the company offered to slash their power bill. “I was told verbally that we would have a 40- to 50% savings on our electric bill.”

Hampshire said the salesperson made that guarantee in person on the day the contract for nearly $6,000 was signed.

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The couple felt it made common sense to insulate their attic, use a barrier to keep the heat out and a fan to remove hot air.

“In the way-back machine, would you sign this contract again?” Action 9′s Todd Ulrich asked.

“There’s no way I would,” Hampshire replied.

The energy package he bought was supposed to cut cooling and heating costs, but according to the couple’s power bills, they have not saved a dime.

Last month their electric bill was $115, compared to last year during the same month without the system, when the power bill was $90.

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Since September, on average, the couple’s power bill has increased by $15 a month.

“You know this is not what we were told, and we don’t just like throwing money away,” Hampshire said.

According to the contract Hampshire signed, full payment is due next month.

Hampshire said unless the company can make the system work as offered, he wants to cancel the agreement. “I mean, I am not going to pay $6,000 with one month to check it out.”

The Better Business Bureau rates Green Solutions of Florida A+, but there are five complaints, including a consumer who claims that after spending $7,000 for the energy package, his power bills increased.

Ulrich reached the company’s general manager who said the company’s written contract does not guarantee any savings, and the products insulate and ventilate the attics.

The general manager told Ulrich he will review Hampshire’s complaint.

“Overall, you paid more?” Ulrich asked.

“Right,” Hampshire replied.

If it’s a door-to-door sale, do not sign a contract the same day. Review the company’s complaint history and get a second estimate before paying anything.

Todd Ulrich

Todd Ulrich, WFTV.com

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