Christopher Heath,

Christopher Heath,

Investigative reporter

Christopher is an investigative reporter at WFTV with a focus on uncovering corruption and wasteful spending across central Florida as part of the Eyewitness News 9 Investigates coverage. Christopher joined Eyewitness News in January 2013 after moving south from Ohio to the Orlando area. While the move from Ohio to Florida was a major change, most of Christopher's life has been spent in the Lone Star State; most recently reporting in San Antonio where he was honored by the Associated Press for my investigation into the growing dangers faced by firefighters as a result of new cars and consumer safety systems. Before working in San Antonio, Christopher honed his skills as a reporter in Waco, Texas, where he focused on the government and the military, specifically Fort Hood. Christopher's coverage of the US Army led him to New Orleans where he spent a week with the First Cavalry Division as soldiers carried out rescue and recovery missions in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Six months after returning from New Orleans, Christopher was sent to Iraq with the Fourth Infantry Division to cover combat missions as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. For two months, he crisscrossed Iraq, following soldiers on raids, aid missions and even some rare time for a little “R&R,” including a game of softball in the shadow of one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces. Three years after returning home from Iraq, Christopher was once again dispatched to Fort Hood, this time to cover a shooting spree that left 13 people dead and more than 32 injured. Joining Christopher in central Florida is his beautiful wife, Moriah, his sons Raymond and Benjamin, and two dogs, Bettie and Lola. When he has free time, Christopher enjoys running, playing hockey or taking the dogs to the dog park. Christopher is always on the lookout for compelling stories that have the opportunity to bring about positive change for the community. If you have any suggestions or comments, please send Christopher an email or give him a call.

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